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Our biggest expense is shipping. We deliver and pick up locally using our personal vehicles, and offset some shipping, gas, office supplies and other out-of-pocket expenses by selling books on the internet — but — we would love to be able to ship more items further away.

Aside from ‘drop-off’ the cheapest shipping method, media mail, costs approximately 50 cents a pound and we estimate about one book per pound on average. Please tell your friends about our initiative, share it on facebook and twitter, you can help by volunteering time! Let us know if you would be interested in being included in our next volunteer meet-and-greet. This is a great project with immediate benefits to our partners and we are overwhelmed with the amount of work to do as a young organization!

Please contact us directly to learn more about how you can help by using our contact form, by phone at 908-912-6652, or by e-mail at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?

A: bookBgone is a free, media-removal service located in New Jersey. We pick up books and media from those who no longer want or need them and place them in the hands of those who do. We offer our service year-round, although we pick up in different areas on different days of the week. We are a book-loving, environmentally-responsible limited liability corporation.

Q: How does this work?

A: Contact us to make an appointment. We will pick up any unwanted books, CD’s, and DVD’s from outside your home.

Q: How quickly can you come pick up my books?

A: We generally make appointments for a week or two in advance. However, if you have a book “emergency”, let us know and we will try to work with you.

Q: What kinds of books/media do you pick up?

A: We will pick up all kinds of books, all vintages and types as long as there is no water damage (at all! even minor!) and no mold. If you are donating DVD’s or CD’s please check that the disks are inside and match the cases.

Q: Do you pick up encyclopedias? Textbooks? Magazines? VHS? Cassette tapes? LP record albums?

A: We will pick up textbooks regardless of age. We DO NOT ACCEPT magazines, college or other catalogues, VHS and cassette tapes or encyclopedias.

Q: What happens to my books?

A: After your books are picked up we scan and sort them so we can send them to people who want and need them. A percentage of books are sold to help defray our expenses including shipping donations. Another small percentage is responsibly recycled.

Q: Uh-oh, can I get something back after you pick up the books?

A: Usually, no, we process books pretty quickly and lots are mixed together. It would be almost impossible to separate your books from others. Please be sure before you give us books.

Q: What are some of the organizations that benefit from BBG?

A: Many of our books are sent to:

  • Tri-state-area food banks
  • Schools and after-school programs in New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and Missouri
  • Community Centers nationwide
  • Literacy programs in schools, daycare centers, prisons
  • U.S. troops overseas
  • Arts & music programs
  • Child/teen rescue and/or development
  • Disaster relief programs
  • Hospitals/assisted living facilities

We also bring books to various charitable thrift shops that benefit charitable organizations. A more extensive list of our recipient organizations can be found here.

Q: Can I suggest some places to send books to?

A: We are always happy to have your suggestions – use our contact form, send us an email at

, or call 908-912-6652.

Q: Can I contribute in some way?

A: If you would like to help or volunteer in any way, contact us. We may have some opportunities in the near future, so please drop an email and let us know about you.

Q: When did you start?

A: bookBgone was founded in June, 2011.

Q: How do you cover your expenses?

A: We sell some of the books we pick up to defray shipping costs for donations and other expenses. We also have been funded by an online campaign to help pay shipping costs.

Q: Can I drop off my books?

A: We accept drop-offs at our convenient Union, New Jersey location during regular business hours, but by appointment only. Please contact us via e-mail or phone to make an appointment..

Q: Can I get a tax receipt?

A: bookBgone is an New Jersey L.L.C., not a non-profit, and as such cannot issue receipts for tax purposes.


bookBgone is a free, media-removal service. We reuse, recycle and donate books and media. We do not have non-profit status and cannot issue tax receipts. Our mission is to keep unwanted media out of our landfills and place them with those who want and need them.

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