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bookBgone is a free-of-charge, media-removal service that is dedicated to recycling, reusing and donating unwanted books. We pick up books, CDs, and DVDS in any condition curbside from New Jersey homes. We are a book-loving, environmentally responsible, limited-liability corporation.


bookBgone needs your help! Contribute to our fundraising campaign at gofundme.com/bookBgone so that we can continue to meet the needs of those who want and need books.


All too often, we have heard no one ‘takes’ unwanted books, and have seen them discarded in the trash. It occurred to us that that wasn’t right — there are plenty of people who want and can use books! So in early June 2011 we decided to become a book/media clearinghouse and remove unwanted books, CDs and DVDs. Our general notion was to help people who no longer wanted or needed their books place them with those who did. We figured that we’d make a few pickups and drive and/or mail some boxes to schools, community centers, servicemen overseas and prisons – keeping the books off dusty and ignored bookshelves and out of N.J. landfills. A win-win. Since then we have picked up and processed hundreds of thousands of books and along the way received an awesome outpouring of support — including recognition from NJ Governor Chris Christie who thanked us for our good works, on behalf of our great, home state. Some of the types of places we donate your books include:

    • Food banks in New Jersey, New York and Maine
    • Schools and after-school programs in New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and Missouri
    • Community Centers in Oregon and New Jersey
    • The Pritzker War Library in Illinois
    • U.S. troops in Afghanistan
    • Family Planning Centers
    • Hospitals (Veteran, Childrens, Low-income)
    • Houses of Worship
    • LGBTQ Youth Groups
    • Locations hit by natural disasters such as Superstorm Sandy

View a more extensive list of our Recipient Organizations

We are continually seeking new avenues for book donations and pickups so please keep sending us your ideas and input and letting your friends and neighbors know about our initiative. We wouldn’t have grown without your help!

You can contact us directly at 908-912-6652 or by email at info@bookbgone.com.

bookBgone is a free media-removal service. We reuse, recycle and donate books and media. We do not have non-profit status and cannot issue tax receipts. Our mission is to keep unwanted media out of our landfills and place them with those who want and need them. We regret that once we accept books or other media we are unable to return them or anything contained within.

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