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A Heartfelt Thanks for Book Donation to U.S. Troops


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A Heartfelt Thanks for Book Donation to U.S. Troops

bookBgone recently sent several hundred books to an organization that sends them to U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. Here’s the thank-you note we received. Books For Troops is one of the many organizations that bookBgone supports by sending along your unused and unwanted books.

Andrea and Lois,
It is funny that you wrote to me because I was just about to send you a thank you note. Thank you so much for the books you sent. They were wonderful. You sent a ton of classics, history and biography which is exactly what we always need. We also need any true stories, hopefully not of murders, but of accomplishments and adventure.I cannot thank you enough for adding to our list of books we can offer. The troops will really welcome them. Thanks again for all your very selective work. It is truly appreciated and I would love if you would continue doing so now and then when you have the time.

I know you deal with many other organizations that need your support. You are a wonderful support and resource for organizations like us. While we get thousands of books weekly, as you know, they are not always the ones the guys/gals request. You have filled in many gaps.

Ellen Keegan
Books for Troops