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bookBgone Featured in Chatham Patch!


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bookBgone Recycles Books, CDs and DVDs for Good Causes

If you have unwanted books, movies or CDs, Lois Cantwell and Andrea Hirschfeld want to take them off your hands.
The duo recently launched bookBgone, a free-of-charge, media-removal service that is dedicated to recycling, reusing and donating unwanted books. They pick up books, CDs, and DVDS in any condition curbside from your home.
All too often, you may have heard no one ‘takes’ unwanted books, and have often seen them in the trash. But there are plenty of people who want and can use these books. So the pair decided to become a kind of book/media clearinghouse.
Since early June, the two have picked up unwanted books, CDs and DVDs through bookBgone. They then work to put them in the hands of people who want and need books/media, or we reuse or recycle them.
Cantwell and Hirschfeld have donated approximately 1,400 pounds of books, 46 boxes of which (fiction, non-fiction, kids and adult books) were sent to Joplin, Mo. where school libraries were lost in the large tornado disaster earlier this year.
By Cantwell’s account, the two have kept approximately 1,800 pounds of material out of our landfills. At this rate they now aim for recycling over 4 tons by the end of 2011.
The two also support a western New York animal shelter and a Hoboken-based community initiative with book and/or media donations. They encourage anyone with alternative ideas for where to donate their materials. They are “especially interested in connecting with armed forces overseas so please let us know if you have any ideas or contacts,” Cantwell said.
Currently bookBgone offers service for free to anyone in Essex, Union and Morris counties. However, they will certainly make every effort to help if you live outside this area.
To contact bookBGone, email or call (908) 912-6652 for more information, or to schedule a free pick up.